Christmas Cracker Review – Elf

Serious question: can you think of a Christmas movie that boasts as many memorable quotes as this Yuletide classic? Or is as infinitely rewatchable, no matter how many times you’ve sat through it?

Rhys Graeme-Drury

Okay, so maybe declaring Elf a bonafide classic is a bit of a stretch, but there has to be a reason why every TV network on Earth has decided to air it every Christmas Eve until the end of time. A fairly recent entrant into the pantheon of great Christmas films, Elf sees Will Ferrell pair with director Jon Faverau for feel-good family festivities in a hilarious fish out of water story.

Abandoned at a young age, Buddy (Ferrell) grows up in the North Pole along with all the other elves in Santa’s Workshop. Despite being welcomed and nurtured by his elfin family, Buddy has never felt at home and, when his adoptive father (Bob Newhart) tells him of his true parentage, he sets off on a journey to find his real father (James Caan) in New York.

Buddy, along with Ron Burgundy, Mugatu and Ricky Bobby, has got to be one of Will Ferrell’s finest comedy creations; the sheer delight etched onto his face as he staggers through the colourful New York streets never ceases to amuse and entertain. Whether it’s eating spaghetti with syrup or spinning around inside a revolving door, Buddy’s ceaseless love for life is infectious and fun.

A fresh-faced Zooey Deschanel makes for cute pixyish love interest, and a young Peter Dinklage provides a brilliant pre-Game of Thrones fame cameo, but this film is all about Ferrell and his hilarious ignorance about the outside world. You’d have to be a complete cotton-headed ninnymuggins to not give Elf another spin this Christmas.

Image courtesy of Roadshow Films 


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