Christmas Cracker Review – The Muppet Christmas Carol

Don’t be such a Scrooge, you Muppet – watch this film!

Kit Morris

The Muppet Christmas Carol is a sharp, yet warm adaptation of Charles Dickens‘ infamous novel, which is perhaps the ultimate Christmas story. This is the Muppets’ first outing produced after the tragic death of creator Jim Henson in 1990. The film managed to silence potential criticism by skilfully weaving the very essence of Henson’s wit throughout. Christmas Carol is regarded as perhaps the greatest big screen outing for the Muppets, and has taken its place as a staple of the holiday season.

The brilliance of this film lies within its ability to introduce a new generation of children to well-known literary classics through an ensemble of quirky and colourful characters we all know and love. This feat was replicated several years later when Muppet Treasure Island set sail in cinemas around the globe. The Great Gonzo narrates the film as Dickens himself, alongside Rizzo the Rat. Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy are assigned the roles of Bob and Emily Cratchit, and Kermit’s nephew Robin features as the poor crippled Tiny Tim.

So we’re already familiar with the story. Global treasure Sir Michael Caine owns the role of Ebenezer Scrooge, a sneering Christmas killjoy who despises all charity and goodwill. Through ghostly visitations he is forced to reflect upon past events that have turned him into such a bitter loner at odds with the world, and show him the dire consequences if he doesn’t change his miserable ways.

If you are searching for a festive treat that the whole family can enjoy, then The Muppet Christmas Carol is the film for you!

Images courtesy of Roadshow Films, Buena Vista International & Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures 


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