Best Films of 2015

To kick off the new year with a bang – and force ourselves to forget the terrible films we discussed in our last post – we’ve decided to now celebrate the greatest films of 2015. It was a long and arduous process to be able to bring you this list. We underwent a battle of wits; challenging one another with our varying opinions. We debated. We squabbled. Blood and tears were spilled (well, sort of… not really…) but we came through in the end to bring you the top 10 films of 2015 as voted by the Hooked On Film team. Enjoy!

10. Ex Machina
Maybe Oscar Isaac is the key to a successful Sci-Fi these days?

Ex Machina’s underlying intensity builds throughout the crackling keep-you-guessing narrative. Divided up via “Ava: Session…” titles, Garland’s taste for hyper-violence and psychosexuality hurls the audience into a twisted vision of the not-too distant future”. Read more

9. Youth
Paolo Sorrentino + Michael Caine + Harvey Keitel… do I really need to say anymore?

“Others who can put up with darkly blunt revelations and sudden jumps between dream-like imagery and reality are in for an enormously rewarding experience, one that will perhaps cause them to look again at themselves and their own family – from the young to the old”. Read more

8. 99 Homes
Andrew Garfield may have 99 problems in 99 Homes, but his performance ain’t one!

99 Homes is so unrelentingly intense and scary that it could almost be labelled a horror movie. But this is a film grounded in reality, and perhaps the first to give us an honest look at the heartbreaking emotional turmoil that encompasses eviction.” Read more

7. Selma
It don’t matter if you’re black or white.

“David Oyelowo, a devout Christian, stated in an interview that he believes God called upon him to play Martin Luther King, Jr. Even non-believers will have a difficult time debating this after witnessing the actor ignite the screen”. Read more

6. Sicario
Prepare yourself for chills and thrills!

“Sicario soon rumbles along with the tenacity and mercilessness of its core subjects. With the US Presidential election and US-Mexico relations key to world news, the film provides a fresh, blistering take on such a harrowing topic.” Read more

5. Inside Out
It’s OK to be sad sometimes, but you’ll be feeling anything BUT sad after watching this!

“Disney and Pixar have outdone themselves with this beautiful new idea that expresses how the mind works, and how personalities develop through memories and emotions. As Amy Poehler said; it’s so great to have a story tell children that it’s OK to feel sad sometimes, particularly in a world where all are so busy in the pursuit of happiness.” Read more

4. Birdman
“People, they love blood. They love action. Not this talky, depressing, philosophical bullshit” says the Birdman… well, this film begs to differ!

“Birdman is a rare delight of a film that works on every level. Multilayered and incredibly complex beneath its darkly humorous surface, it represents a departure from the gloomy tone of Iñárritu’s previous films (21 Grams, Biutiful). Read more

3. Mad Max: Fury Road
It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad, mad world… and it’s awesome!

“As our heroes are pursued further into the barren deserts, Miller unleashes the full extent of his imagination in a series of astounding action scenes that transcend our expectations for modern filmmaking. Fury Road is a symphony of mayhem that effortlessly dances across the screen”.
Read more

2. The Martian
Suck on this Interstellar. Ridley Scott > Christopher Nolan.

“Every line in this film’s script radiates with wit, and Damon’s character in particular is given some hilarious quips to overcome his unbearable loneliness. There are more “laugh out loud” moments in The Martian than in most blockbuster comedies you will see this year.” Read more

1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
The Force is strong in JJ Abrams

“This is precisely what tips The Force Awakens over the edge into greatness. Its mammoth plot is secondary; its likeable characters come to the fore. They are immensely interesting individuals who share on-screen chemistry, and have set up personal stories that are more than capable of going the distance of a trilogy.” Read more

Images courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Lucasfilm, Roadshow Films, Pixar Animations, Twentieth Century Fox, Madman Entertainment, Universal Pictures and StudioCanal


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