Movie Review – Mr Right

Mr. Right perfectly fits the type of film you would watch lazily via Netflix on a hungover Sunday afternoon. It is too likeable to ignore, but not memorable enough to warrant a second viewing or a recommendation to others. 

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Tom Munday

Mr. Right follows down-on her-luck twenty-something Martha (Anna Kendrick). After catching her boyfriend in the act, her break-up blues swallow her potential. One afternoon, Martha meets who she believes is her Mr. Right (Sam Rockwell). He is Francis, a professional assassin with a blistering reputation for killing the people who hire him instead of the intended targets.

The first third of the film is flat and uninspired; forcing you to endure Martha’s ‘tragic’ quarter-life crisis. Kendrick’s character is a shallow manic-pixie-dream-girl/shrieking airhead plagued by first world problems. The talented actress’ first few scenes feature nothing but break-up clichés and tickish characters, but thankfully, Rockwell and Kendrick’s sizzling chemistry overshadows the film’s flaws.

Although directed by Paco Cabezas, Mr. Right’s creative and commercial flair belongs to writer Max Landis. Landis loves the craziness of adolescence, depicted to varying degrees of success in Chronicle and American Ultra. He provides the hooks and rhythm needed for a worthwhile action-comedy, with Francis’ war against FBI Agent Hopper (Tim Roth) and the mob.

Aiming for Shane Black’s cutting dialogue and subversion of genre convention, Landis’ script resembles your average buddy-cop/romantic-comedy flick. Maybe, see The Nice Guys instead.

Mr Right is available in Australian cinemas from June 16

Image courtesy of Icon Film Distribution 

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