Movie Review – Storks

Following the success of the Lego Movie, Warner Bros. Animation Group continues to soar.

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Chantal Victor

Nicholas Stoller’s most recent film Storks is far beyond what I expected from the man who brought us Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him To The Greek. Under the wing of Warner Bros, Stoller brings us a beautiful animation that shows the true joy a baby brings to a family.

We all know how babies are brought to a family, right? A white stork finds a tiny human and delivers them to their expecting parents in a blanket. As easy as that. Well, imagine a world where the storks decide to become the next local post office and babies are no longer the usual parcel.

Tulip (Katie Crown) was the last attempt at delivering a baby to a set of parents. Unfortunately, her homing beacon gets destroyed, leaving her as the only human in a stork-run business up at She has worked in the factory her whole life, but as her 18th birthday comes near the boss wants to get rid of her. Junior (Andy Samberg), the top delivery stork, struggles to fire her and instead shifts her to another department. Meanwhile, the Gardners are a lovely family with everyday struggles. Their son is always fighting for their attention and his solution is easy: order a baby brother. Tulip finds the order, leading to a great adventure.

At first I was a little concerned with how the storyline would keep all audience members interested for 89 minutes, but the child-filled cinema kept laughing and tearing up right to the last minute. The film balances some great funny moments, with the complications many families face in today’s life; from parents being too busy to spend time with their children, to how siblings can possibly fill the void.

Having not heard of this film until very recently, I went into the cinema with no expectations and was able to sit back and enjoy it. Although not quite the next Pixar craze, Warner Bros has brought us a decent slice of entertainment. It’s a fantasitc film for the kids these school holidays, or just a light-hearted, happy movie for adults, if that’s what you’re looking for!

Storks is available in Australian cinemas from September 22

Image courtesy of Roadshow Films


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