Rooftop Movies – Program 3

Chantal Victor

Summer is always the best time of year in Perth and with all the heat, visits to the beach and backyard BBQ’s also comes the outdoor cinema experience. Rooftop Movies in Northbridge offers the perfect set up for everything from that first Tinder date to a night out with your mates. So, grab a drink and a pizza and enjoy the city skyline before you settle onto a comfy beanbag for your movie of choice.

The team at Rooftop have created the ultimate program for those wanting to catch all the latest blockbusters like Rogue One and Passengers, but if you feel like a cult classic, don’t worry -they’ve got you covered; The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and Mighty Ducks are all on the agenda as well.

Program 3 runs until February 5, but don’t fret, a new program will be announced on their website on January 24:

For your chance to get free tickets to Program 3, check out our Facebook page: 

Image courtesy of Rooftop Movies & Sebastian Photography 


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