Movie Review – The LEGO Batman Movie

Attention all movies. Always be yourself… unless you can be Lego Batman.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ½
Josip Knezevic

Holy crap was this ever so fun to watch. You heard it here: go see The LEGO Batman Movie as soon as possible! I can’t believe how ecstatic I am to be sitting here writing this review, but OK, time to focus…

From the producers of The Lego Movie, LEGO Batman swiftly expands the Lego Universe to the city of Gotham, and by expand I really do mean expand. We witness the first on screen appearances of the most dangerous villains from the Batman franchise in Lego form. It’s a star-studded affair and it’s simply perfect.

When the credits rolled and my happiness levels peaked, I was surprised to see a total of 5 writers responsible for this magical Lego experience. It’s rare to see such a large team of writers work so well together. The sheer number of jokes per minute is staggering. This is quite possibly the funniest superhero movie ever made, with jokes that film buffs, Batman fans and basically anyone can enjoy.

Aside from the humour, LEGO Batman also tackles dramatic themes with the meaning of family and the fear of loss. Given how well this ties in with Bruce Wayne’s story, I’m surprised these ideas haven’t been previously explored in other films set in the Batman universe. It’s a refreshing approach and one that serves it purpose appropriately among all the jokes and spectacle of the animation.

Yes, LEGO Batman is predictable, but it doesn’t matter. You’re too busy enjoying yourself to care. It isn’t as smart as the original Lego Movie, but it has enough pizzazz to elevate itself as a standout film for 2017. It’s entirely self-aware and the special effects team do an outstanding job of creating the Lego world with a really high attention to detail.

I can’t wait to see The LEGO NINJAGO Movie due out at the end of the year, and I hope the creative team explore more multiverse interactions in the future. Bring on LEGO Avengers and Justice League!

The LEGO Batman Movie is available in Australian cinemas from March 30 

Image courtesy of Roadshow Films


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